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About Us
Product quality and safety is our top priority.

1.) For Nut products:
We partner with many major farms and processors in California, Georgia, Texas, New
Mexico and Mexico. We have also expanded our product lines, which now included
almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, fruits and frozen seafood. All of our nut
products are certified by United States Department of Agriculture Federal-State
Inspection service.

2.) For frozen Seafood:
We partner with a major frozen seafood processor in Hainan, China, which is located
next to the beach farm sites. This is a tropical “Eco-Free” island which produces top
quality tilapia for processing. These tilapias are arguably the very best fish available in
the country for processing and production. As a leader in the frozen seafood industry,
the processor purchases and processes farm-bred and ocean caught tilapia through
cooperative supply agreements with local fishermen and farms. It uses state-of-the-art
and environment-friendly technologies in its production and processing operations. It
has received a number of awards and certificates, including “Industrial Leader” Awards
from the state government of Hainan and HACCP Certificate from USFDA, reflecting its
commitment to quality. All three production facilities are monitored 24/7 both by the
local government agencies and FDA via an internal remote-controlled video system.
This will ensure highest manufacturing and safety standards as well as fast clearance
by FDA and customs when the products arrive at US ports.
We deliver value, quality and service